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Dark Web Market Guide

Course Overview

Section 1: Secure Operating Systems          

Introduction to Tails               

Tails with a Virtual Box            

Tails on USB             

Tails Setup                

Tails Persistent                      

Tails Software                         

Section 2: Tor and The Tor Browser             

Intro to Tor               

Onion Routing                        

Installing Tor                           

 Using Tor                  

Tor Bridges                

Tor Nodes                  

Section 3: Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Intro                            

Bitcoin Wallets                       

Buying Anonymously             

Bitcoin Tumbling                      

Section 4: Secure Communication (With PGP)

Introduction to PGP

Using PGP on Tails

Sending PGP Messages

Full PGP Process                      

Section 5: Full Purchasing Process

Finding Markets

Purchasing with Bitcoin

Purchasing with Monero